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Sports Massage


Why Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a muscle specific treatment to deal with injuries, muscular imbalances and posture issues relating to sport, exercise, lifestyle and work. Whether you are training for a competitive event, have an issue that is holding you back or you need to rebalance from the strains of everyday life, sports massage is a highly effective therapy for rebalancing and restoring.

A range of massage techniques are used to address individual muscular issues including trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and assisted stretching.


Deconstructive Deep Tissue Massage


Why Deep Tissue Massage

Deconstructive Deep Tissue Massage works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through targeted pressure on the contracted areas, along with a combination of massage techniques to smooth out deep tension.

Work through the muscle will be gradual and the use of varying pressure and massage techniques will ensure your muscular tension is greatly improved. Head and neck massage complete this comprehensive treatment.


Signature Massage


Why The Signature Massage

The Signature Massage Treatment is the perfect way to undo everything a busy or stressful lifestyle can throw at you, we all need time to completely unwind and find our natural balance.

This is luxurious full body restorative massage using a  rhythmic style that is firm yet deeply calming. Including head, neck and hand massage to completely restore.

A unique blend of the finest aromatherapy oils are used in this treatment





James is a fully qualified massage therapist. Graduated from the London School of Massage in 2005. Trained in Sports Massage, Rehabilitation, Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Relaxing Swedish Massage.

James has worked with athletes wanting to improve performance, those involved in sports recovering from injury, others dealing with stress and anxiety, and of course wonderfully relaxing holistic treatments for anyone wanting to find time for themselves to return to their natural balance

" I believe massage is a powerful therapy that can help restore body, mind & soul"



Therapy Fees

Sports Massage 

60 Minutes £60

90 Minutes £90

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes £60

90 Minutes £90

Signature Massage

120 Minutes £120



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